DUI Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with DUI is a very serious crime. Not only do you stand to lose your license and pay significant fines, depending on the severity of your individual case, a judge could impose jail time. Regardless if you were guilty or not, you should never simply accept your fate and plead guilty to the charges. Some people who have been charged for the same crime get a lighter sentence, because they understand the importance of having a professional DUI attorney in their corner.

Can DUI Attorneys Help Your Case?
The answer here is absolutely YES! The sooner you are in contact with a local Greenville DUI attorney the better. The first thing they will do is provide you a free consultation, where they will explain at length how they can help to have the charges lessened, or possibly dismissed, in your individual case. The reason it is so important to speak to a lawyer right after your arrest, they need to begin putting your case together. This involves getting a copy of the videotape in the arresting officers police car, results from the devices used during your arrest, and a copy of the police report.

Understanding Your Rights During Your Arrest
Your DUI attorney has several years experience in defending these type cases. The first step is to watch the videotape of your arrest and make certain that your rights were upheld throughout. In the state of South Carolina, the laws pertaining to DUI are complex to say the least, but one thing is clear, you have many rights afforded to you that can help to keep you from being punished too harshly, even if you are guilty of the crime. Your attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you do not have to pay for a DUI offense if avoidable.

Knowing the Local Court System
Your DUI lawyer has been in this courtroom many times each month, and in that time they have developed a reputation with prosecutors and judges, as a team of professionals who will fight diligently and aggressively to protect their client. These individuals recognize that when we take on a DUI case, that we firmly believe in our clients innocence, and will use every resource at our disposal to help them during the case. Your DUI lawyers understand all the complexities of the law pertaining to DUI, and will use that knowledge and expertise to reduce your charges.

The DUI Arrest Process
During your arrest, there are several key pieces of information your lawyer will work hard to analyze. The device used to measure your blood level must be calibrated properly before each use. The arresting office needs to have a vast experience using that device, and the history of the device used will be analyzed for malfunctions or false readings. All of these details can help to swing the charges in your case from one side to the other.

Are you still wondering can DUI attorneys help your case? Hopefully this cleared up any confusion and convinced you that your first course of action if arrested for DUI is to call your local DUI attorney and schedule a free consultation today. You have nothing to lose but your freedom!