Greenville-AttorneysIt doesn’t matter how big or small a mistake you may have made, our professional lawyers at the believe that your situation is unique and your life is valuable.

We understand not everyone is perfect, and in this time of need you must have the rights afforded to you by the state protected. Our Greenville SC defense specialists are committed to working alongside you and getting you that favorable outcome you deserve.

  • Concerning South Carolina law, our Greenville defense attorneys excel in all areas protecting our clients.
  • All the prosecutors and judges that preside over cases in this area know our team members very well. These professionals understand that all of our team members are committed to the obligation as a defense attorney, and we will work tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients even if they are guilty of the crime they are being charged with.
  • All of our Greenville defense specialists have earned a reputation in this region for their professionalism and for honestly putting forth efforts that get the desired outcome pertaining to legal issues of our clients.

Even if you are guilty of the crimes you are charged with, it is very important that you simply do not show up to court and accept those charges. By pleading guilty, you could be waving rights that have been given to you by the state of South Carolina. Contact our Greenville defense group before you make the mistake of pleading guilty in a court of law! There is no reason that you should accept a punishment that is going to be worse that what you deserve. Our defense lawyers will make certain that you are not punished for a crime more severely than those who have gotten significantly less punishments having been in your same position. We can help to shelter you from all the details of this very complicated process. Our staff will not allow the prosecuting attorneys to simply bully you into accepting a harsh punishment, we will represent you against those eager lawyers and get you a result that is more reasonable.

Would You Like a Free Consultation with One of Our Greenville DUI Attorneys?
When you call us today and schedule your free consultation, we will discuss with you at length how we will craft a case around YOUR unique situation and then defend you from the harsh South Carolina state mandated DUI penalties. We will then discuss with you all the different defense strategies that apply to your circumstances. We understand how DUI charges place a permanent mark on your record, and we will work to lessen those charges as best as possible. Our compassion for our clients during this difficult time is one of the reasons our Greenville DUI lawyers are considered the best in this region. Our professionalism and determination to fight on your behalf during these challenging court proceedings is unrivaled.

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* Drug Crimes Defense
* DUI, DWI and Traffic Violations Defense
* Expungement
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* Sexual Crime Defense
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* Violent Crime Defense
* White Collar Crime Defense