Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been seriously injured in an accident,the first thing that you must understand is that the job of the insurance company at this point is to NOT make you whole again. These skilled lawyers working for the insurance companies get paid very well to make certain their client pays the least amount possible on any injury claims. These lawyers are masters at being able to get accident victims to settle for significantly less than they are entitled to. If you want to receive the full compensation that you and your family deserve, seek the advice of a professional personal injury lawyer and follow these tips for not settling your accident claim with the insurance company.

First Days Following Your Accident
Once the accident has been recorded, the police report will be sent to the insurance company for evaluation. The insurance company will begin working on their defense by sending out their own accident investigators, responsible for taking pictures at the scene of the accident, videos, measurements, and following up with additional testimonials from any eyewitnesses. During the first few weeks, the insurance company is going to have a very clear understanding exactly who was at fault in this accident. If you are presented with a settlement offer during this time, make certain you are working with a personal injury attorney who can advice you how to proceed. Chances are if the insurance company is willing to settle, they are aware they are on the losing side of this fight and want to get out of the claim as cheaply as possible before it gets to a courtroom.

Getting Evaluated by a Physician after your Accident

Once you begin working with a personal injury attorney that knows accident law, they are going to get a professional medical evaluation from the best physicians in their respective fields. These doctors are recognized as leaders in their fields, and their credibility is recognized in the courtroom. Once the insurance company receives your medical evaluation from these physicians, they will realize quickly that this case is much more serious than they had originally anticipated. At this point the insurance company may try once again to throw out a substantial settlement offer in the hopes that you accept and they avoid a trial. This offer may be larger than you expected, and this is the reason many accident victims take the offer. By taking the bait, you let the insurance company off the hook and save their client from being sued for much more money. If the insurance company presents an offer after reading the medical evaluation, they are trying to keep their client from losing money and going to trial.

After you personal injury lawyer has carefully evaluated your medical report, their team will skillfully craft a settlement offer that will cover all of your medical bills today, tomorrow, and for the future. Then they will begin to add in any expenses you made, compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and the inability to earn for your family in the future. If the injury you sustained is permanent, your personal injury lawyer will make certain the settlement provides for you long-term. If after receiving the settlement offer from your attorney, the insurance company wants to settle, then you are in the best possible position to decide if it is worth forgoing a long complex trial.